I'm Andee Bossoli, a Connecticut-based photographer and animal lover.  "Birbs of the Burbs" is a passion project of mine.  This a gallery of my nature photography, with a heavy emphasis on the birds I have the pleasure of welcoming into my southern, Connecticut backyard. 
My bird photography has appeared on the National Audubon Society's website, including their 2020 "Bird from Home" project and an article I wrote about my lived experience as a blind bird photographer. 
I'm in a constant state of learning about native ecology and have a particular interest in animal behavior.  The experiences I have as I create my work for Birbs of the Burbs continue to shine a light on how much there is to learn and love about animals that some of us see every day. Whether the subject is a pet or wildlife, I use my photography to tell stories of connection and endearment.

© Riley Currier

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